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We help educators create engaging, responsive, inspiring classrooms.

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What Are Your Conditions?

Change is possible when we focus on conditions that help students see themselves as capable learners.

Our Approach

Engaging Instruction

Create an atmosphere of inclusion, community, and positive interdependence.

Responsive Classrooms

Motivate readers and writers through student centered literacy strategies.

Inspiring Curriculum

Build experiences that tap into students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Collaborative Impact

Conditions for Learning Results
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Conditions For Learning Services

Change is possible when we focus on conditions that help students see themselves as capable learners. 

On-Site Training

We introduce our strategies and approaches in engaging, interactive, and collaborative sessions at your school site.

In-Class Coaching

We provide coaching that supports thoughtful planning, focused observation, and reflective conversations leading to sustained implementation.

Grade Level Planning

We facilitate grade level planning to support the development of rigorous, engaging, standards based learning opportunities.

We work with teachers, administrators, and educational stakeholders to create engaging, responsive, inspiring learning environments that help students realize their potential.

The Conditions For Learning Blog

Everyone wants to belong. As educators, we not only have the task of educating students, but also the responsibility of creating an environment that is inclusive of young people with different ethnic backgrounds, languages, values, socio-economic and academic levels.

How Math Helped Me Build A Strong Classroom Community

When I moved to a new school in the late ‘90s, one of the first things my new principal told me was that there was a lot of racial tension at our school. Our school included African American, Hmong, Latino, Pacific Islander and White students. I was told that recent conflicts in the neighborhood created an atmosphere of distrust on our campus.

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Soldiers, Headshots, and Water Bottles

Project Showcases are one of my favorite events in schools. The showcase is the culmination of a unit where students learn deeply and present their understanding in a variety of interesting and creative ways. Families and community members get to listen, ask questions, encourage, and learn. I’ve seen hundreds of student presentations over the years, but there are a few presentations that, in my opinion, were extraordinary. The students described below were incredibly knowledgeable but it was the way they presented that made a lasting impression.

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Look Who’s Talking

All I Heard Was Crickets

I was excited about the lesson I designed for my classroom observation. Students were going to make predictions about a text we were going to read as a whole class. What could be more exciting? I projected a covered image and slowly revealed partial images of the picture. Students were asked to make predictions about the picture.

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