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Below you will find free resources to help you develop your Engaging, Responsive, Inspiring classroom.

Engaging Instruction: Lesson Design & Delivery

Lesson Design & Delivery Modeled

Students at Leataata Floyd Elementary give advice to teachers about how to effectively design and deliver lessons to keep kids engaged and motivated.

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Engaging Instruction: Rational Discipline

Rational Discipline Explained

Learn how providing options when addressing conflict and providing options when finishing assignments help to create the foundation for a positive classroom environment.

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Engaging Instruction: Structuring Interaction

Structuring Interaction Overview

Teachers at John Sloat Elementary use Structuring Interaction strategies to strengthen classroom community and support student learning.

Reciprocal Teaching Talk Groups

Students at Leataata Floyd Elementary demonstrate a collaborative comprehension strategy called Talk Groups.

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Responsive Classrooms: Formative Assessment

Monthly Writing Samples

Video coming soon.

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Responsive Classrooms: Differentiation

Inside a Responsive Classroom

Kindergarten teacher Amber Michel shares her workshop process that promotes reading, writing, and a community of learning.

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Responsive Classrooms: Cross-Age Tutoring

Reading Buddies

Students at Leataata Floyd Elementary School learn how to be "Reading Buddies" and tutor younger students through Reciprocal Teaching Read Alouds.

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Inspiring Curriculum: Units of Study

Units of Study

Video coming soon.

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Inspiring Curriculum: Project-Based Learning

Anti-Bullying PSA

Students from Harkness Elementary create a public service announcement to address bullying at their school.

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Inspiring Curriculum: Service Learning

Sacramento Food Bank

Students from Harkness Elementary study the causes of hunger and provide support at the local food bank.

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